Why is it important to know and show how much worn my forks are?

There are three main benefits to knowing how much worn the forks are;

1. The customer will know how much longer they can safely use the forks using the measured fork wear data from the previous Thorough Examination to work out if the forks will wear above 10% before the next Thorough Examination.

2. The user and service provider can order in replacement forks ready for when the old forks get to 10% (or fit them sooner).

3. The user will not have their report sent to the relevant Enforcement Authority as is required under LOLER Reg 10 if the forks wear above 10% – saving a potentially awkward conversation with the HSE or Local Authority! Plus the machine cannot be used until new forks are fitted.

Remember – forks worn to 10% mean an actual reduction in capacity of 20%!